LeTourneau was founded by R.G. LETOURNEAU and incorporated as R.F. LETOURNEAU, Inc. in 1929 in California and its products were manufactured in Visksburg, Mississippi and Longview, Texas. In 1945, the company built the first jack-up drilling platform. In 1955, it made the first log-stacker machine. In 1965, the company made the first intermodal crane.

The LETOURNEAU suite of jackup rig designs are established designs that have been popular with certain market segments and have a proven track record of operating in a variety of environments.


Our Track Record


  • Designed more than 220 Jackup drilling rigs since 1955; (81 Rigs Built in Licensed Shipyards), of which 55 rigs were since 2000. Please download our Rig Location Guide for detailed information on the rigs. 
LeTourneau Rig Location Guide
  • Innovation Industry Leader
    • 1st Independent Leg Jackup
    • 1st Rack & Pinion Jacking
    • 1st Electro-Mechanical Jacking
    • 1st Reverse-K leg Bracing, Stiffer - Lighter, lower drag now used by industry
    • Introduced modular leg construction
    • 1st Skid-off Cantilevered Drill Package
    • 1st 3 Million Pound Cantilever Load Capacity
    • 1st 100 ft. Reach Cantilever
    • "116 Series", industry's most successful jackup design with over 100 units
    • Only load sharing rack locking system, StormLOK®

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