Super 116E Class

Super 116E Class

Specifically Engineered for Exploratory and Development Drilling

Keppel LeTourneau's Super 116E Class jackup rig provides the oil and gas industry with a proven versatile and cost-effective tool for exploratory and development drilling, as well as work over operations in most moderate mid ocean regions of the world.

Special Features

  • 2650-kip combined capacity cantilever assembly provides support for a 1500-kip hook load 7500-kip full setback in tandem with 400-kip conductor tension.
  • Operational reach to 70-ft aft of stern and transverse ± 15 ft from rig centerline.
  • Designed to survive 40-ft seas, combined with a one-knot current and 100-knot wind in 375 ft of water
  • Leg design utilises the LETOURNEAU™ square cross-section configuration, resulting in high strength and stiffness-to-weight ratios, as well as redundant load paths


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