Jaguar Class

Jaguar Class

Specifically Engineered for Demanding Operations

The Jaguar class self-elevating mobile offshore drilling unit is ideally suited for demanding operations in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, South China Sea, and Trinidad & Tobago. Utilising the LETOURNEAU™ 1000-Kip Elevating Unit and the LETOURNEAU™ STORM LOK leg fixation system, the jaguar is capable of operating in water depths of up to 400 ft in harsh conditions or 500 ft in moderate waters. These features position the Jaguar to fill the market gap between the typical premium and large, harsh environment jackups.

The Jaguar is specifically designed to meet the drilling industry's demand for a jackup that exceeds the depth and drilling capacity specification of the ultra-premium category without the higher construction costs of the large, harsh environment jack-ups. The Jaguar's lightship weight is reduced considerably compared with other ultra-premium jackup designs.

Special Features

  • Cantilever with 1542 MT (3400 kip) maximum combined drilling load capacity, 
  • Longitudinal reach of 24.4m (80 ft) or greater
  • Transverse skidding movement of ±7.6m (25 ft) of the rig centerline for deep, complex wells
  • Design of spud can and leg well allow for pulling individual legs above the waterline; permitting classification society Special Periodic Survey inspection without dry docking 


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