Pedestal Deck Crane

Pedestal Deck Crane

Our PCM-series pedestal deck cranes respond faster, reduce downtime and maintenance, lower operating costs and are environmentally friendly.


  • Proprietary steels are used in crane boom structural tubing and made from in-house pipe mill
  • Overall crane weight is lighter comparing to other manufacturers with similar lifting capacity


  • Regenerative braking provides better speed control
  • Non slip ring electrical transfer is easier to maintain and replace


  • Spring engaged hydraulic release disc brake on hoisting and luffing winch 
  • Cabin mounting is customizable, either on crane or remotely on the rig
  • Over 90% common parts in all the models

Model PCM120SS PCM-220SS PCM-350SS
Electrical Motor DC Driven DC Driven DC Driven
Specification Main - 38.2 MT
Aux - 11.4 MT
Boom - 120ft
Main - 68 MT
Aux - 12.6 MT
Boom - 140ft
Main - 68 MT
Aux - 12.6 MT
Boom - 124ft
Weight 55.3 Ton  69.4 Ton  116 Ton 
 Compliance ABS, API 2C   ABS, API 2C   ABS, API 2C 
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