Responding to industry's needs, Keppel LeTourneau provides cost effective, integrated and practical inspection engineering solutions.

Comprehensive Procedures/Checklists

All equipment inspections procedures are carried out in a comprehensive manner by our field engineers and technicians who carry out a pre-determined set of testing procedures.

Detailed Checklist of Procedures Customised to Specific Equipment

All procedures are specifically tailored to the piece of equipment being inspected or maintained.

Scheduling of Work

Inspections procedures can be scheduled to reduce the downtime of equipment during peak customer operating periods.

What We Offer:

Periodic Services

  • Keppel LeTourneau offers comprehensive service contracts to all of its customers on either an annual basis or a 5-year Special Periodic Survey (SPS) 
  • In addition to annual and multi-year service contracts, direct call-in support is also available for all products 



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